COROS Vertix - čierna  / black - prémiové GPS hodinky merač tepu barometer batéria 60 hodín
COROS Vertix - luneta z titánu a zafírové sklo
COROS Vertix - fire dragon  - váha len 76 gramov
COROS Vertix - fire dragon - displej 240 x 240 px / 64 farieb
COROS Vertix - spolupracuje so satelitmi GPS, GLONASS (Galileo, Beidou cez aktualizácie v budúcnosti)
COROS Vertix - disponuje senzormi - optický pulzový oxymeter, optický snímač pulzu, barometer, akcelerometer, kompas, gyroskop, teplomer
COROS Vertix
COROS Vertix
COROS Vertix
COROS Vertix
COROS Vertix - výdrž až 60 hodín pri zapnutom GPS - prémiové GPS do extrémnych podmienok
COROS Vertixpre utra trail bežcov so 60 hod. výdržou baterky / 120 hod. v režime ultra
COROS Vertix sa Ti prispôsobia

    COROS Vertix

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      COROS Vertix

      Premium and rugged GPS adventure watch

      Adventure calls your name and you need a watch that will respond with you. The Vertix GPS Adventure Watch provides the features and durability you need to take on even your dreams’ grandest expeditions. The longest battery life, extreme durability and altitude acclimation assistance make the Vertix your go-to choice whether your plans call for a backyard hike or a Himalayan summit.

      COROS Vertix - GPS adventure watch with unmatched 60 hours battery life
      COROS products are awarded by the press and praised by general public. For example - Runner's World awarded COROS Apex with Editor's Choice 2019.


      Respected player on GPS market

      COROS products are awarded by the press as well as praised by sport community. COROS Apex are praised by Runner's World which awarded this model with Editor's Choice 2019. In words of Runner's World: notably, battery life is up to 35 hours in regular GPS tracking mode, but can be extended to last up to 100 hours if you require. Red Bull ranked COROS Apex Pro as TOP 5 GPS watches for trail running. The watch has a rugged titanium frame and sapphire-glass screen, and packs 14% more battery life than the Apex – bringing its total power to 40 hours in full GPS mode, Red Bull concludes. And this is how Outdoor Gear Lab raves about COROS Apex: the Coros Apex is the only watch we tested that has unbelievable battery life in both categories - up to 30 days in normal use and up to 35 hours in GPS activity mode! This watch is perfect for endurance athletes. These bonuses, coupled with a slew of other features and its high-end titanium alloy bezel and sapphire glass make it the hands-down winner for our Editors' Choice award. And Outdoor Gear Lab awarded COROS Vertix as The Best Altimeter Watches of 2019.

      Tough and rugged

      Most durable GPS watch

      A featherlight, corrosion free titanium frame and bezel showcase our commitment to durability. Sapphire glass screen with Diamond-Like Coating gives Vertix the most resilient screen available. Have we mentioned this is the ONLY GPS watch with a 150-meter waterproof rating? Vertix body weighs just 54 grams, making it the lightest watch in its class. The quality of the Vertix allows you to attack the world’s harshest elements without sacrificing your style.

      COROS Vertix - rugged YET premium. Premium and high-end materials such as titanium and sapphire. 150-meter waterprooof rating.
      COROS Vertix - 24/7 blood oxygen monitoring with Altitude Mode. Thanks to a unique optical pulse oxymeter your acclimatization is safe.

      Acclimation assistance

      Vertix is your Sherpa

      24/7 blood oxygen monitoring With Altitude Mode, Vertix is the only watch to provide daily acclimatization evaluation and suggests when it is safe to climb higher. Your watch will let you know when you should keep climbing, or when you should head back down to a lower altitude.

      Ease of use

      Simplicity at its finest

      Completely new engineered Digital Knob for one finger control, even with thick climbing gloves or under water. Using touch screen along with the enlarged digital knob, you can move your navigation track up/down, left/right and easily zoom in and out. All on all Vertix watch is extremely easy to use and very intuitive.

      COROS Vertix - ease of use thanks to enlarged Digital Knob and touch screen. Intuitive and extremely easy to use.
      COROS Vertix - equipped with track and navigation features. Track back to start, be navigated by an uploaded route.


      Track your path and never get lost

      Never get lost. Load your hiking tour or ultra running race course into your Vertix. And be guided by your watch. Be warned when you are out of track. Using touch screen along with the enlarged digital knob, you can move your navigation track up/down, left/right and easily zoom in and out. This is a completely revamped experience from the traditional button operation.

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      Battery life

      Up to 60 hours

      Longer battery life than any other GPS watches on the market. With battery life strong enough for a Himalayan expedition or a thru-hike on the John Muir Trail all without a charge. Industry leading and unheard of 60 hours battery life in full GPS mode. Or 150 hours in UltraMax mode. Alternatively month and half - yes, 45 days - of regular use. That is right - it is mind-boggling.

      COROS Vertix - up to 60 hours battery life in full GPS mode and 45 days of regular use.
      Synchronise your workouts 3rd party services such as STRAVA, Relive, TrainingPeaks, Final Surge or Apple Health. Supports ANT+ accesosries.

      Fast sync

      Synchronize quickly your workouts

      COROS UltraSync Technology cuts your average mobile app sync time in half after your workout. So long are the days you have to spend minutes holding your phone, waiting for the data to upload. Synchronise your workouts 3rd party services such as STRAVA, Relive, TrainingPeaks, Final Surge or Apple Health. And with full ANT+ connectivity, you can connect ANT+ compatible devices such as a chest strap heart rate monitor, speed and cadence sensors, or a power meter to use with the Indoor Cycling activity.

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      Which ANT+ accessories (heart rate monitor, wattmeter, pod, powermeter, etc.) are compatible with COROS Apex?

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      COROS silicone bands - personalise your Vertix.

      Wrist bands

      Create your own style

      Express your preferences and personalise your COROS Vertix with high quality, colourful bands. These are original, silicone, replacable bands with metal buckle.
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      COROS POD - Performance Optimization Device


      Efficiency is key

      A ratio of speed to power-to-weight measures how much energy is involved in propelling your body forward. When your speed increases and your power decreases, you are improving your efficiency. Using this metric in conjunction with all of the other great data provided by the POD, you can train to become a more efficient runner – whether that allows you to run faster, farther or both is up to you. COROS POD (Performance Optimization Device) is a small device worn on your waist at the back which pairs with your COROS watch and measures advanced metrics such as cadence, stride length, L/R foot balance or running power in watts.
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      COROS app - detailed analysis of your training.

      Training analysis

      Advanced training analysis with COROS app

      Once you’ve finished your workout, the best part begins. Our COROS App will give you a complete graphical analysis of your training – including: VO2 max, recovery advisor, threshold pace, last-7 days training load, personal fitness index and plenty more. Additionally, you can connect to your favorite 3rd party applications such as STRAVA and TrainingPeaks and automatically upload your workouts.

      Special edition

      Ice Breaker

      Stand out in a crowd. The exclusive azure titanium bezel is a showstopper while the transparent fiber case creates a watch that is as elegant on your wrist as it is powerful on your adventure. All this hand assembled to ensure the best possible quality.

      COROS Vertix - Ice Breaker. The exclusive azure titanium bezel and transparent fiber case. Stand out in a crowd.

      COROS ambasadors

      Used by the most elite athletes

      Winners of the most prestigious ultra trails in the world. UTMB, Lavaredo Ultra Trail or Hardrock 100 - you name it. COROS watches are used by the most elite runners in the world such as Tim Tollefson, Hayden Hawks, Sage Canaday, Harry Jones, Adam Campbell, Camille Herron, Magda Boulet or Hillary Allen.

      Tim Tollefson, COROS ambasador

      Excited to partner with COROSGlobal in 2019 as they emerge as a major player in the GPS world. I suggest you give them a peep.

      Hayden Hawks, COROS ambasador

      When the fog rolls in and you can’t see 5ft in front of you, grab your corosglobal VERTIX and it will show you the way! With 60hrs of battery life in full GPS tracking, lightweight feel, accuracy, and a great look this will be my watch for @utmbmontblanc!

      Hayden Hawks
      CCC-UTMB 2017 - 1st place
      LUT 2018 - 1st place
      photo: Jan Nyka
      Sage Canaday, COROS ambasador

      Honored to officially join the @corosglobal athlete pro team! It’s no secret that I’ve been extensively testing #coroswatches (as seen on my @strava). The battery life on the new Vertix model (shown here) is simply amazing! Honestly I was skeptical at first, but I am now very impressed with the GPS accuracy and the seamless interface with the phone App for uploading and analysis.

      Sage Canaday
      Speedgoat 50km - 3 times champion
      Tarawera 100km - 2 times champion


      Leader - no questions asked

      Unprecedented battery life, waterproof up to 150 meters, oxymeter and much more. This is the leader of the pack.

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      COROS VERTIX Garmin FENIX 5X Plus Garmin FENIX 5 Plus Suunto9 Baro
      RRP (Euro) 599.99 - 699.99 949.99 599.99 699.00
      Materials titanium titanium stainless steel titanium
      Regular use 45 days up to 20 days up to 12 days 7 days
      GPS battery 60h Full / 150h Ultra up to 32h Full / 70h Ultra up to 18h Full / 42h Ultra 25h Full / 120h Ultra
      Weight 76g 87g 86g 76g
      Waterproof 150m 100m 100m 100m
      Oxymeter yes yes no no

      Technical specification

      COROS Vertix specification

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      Still cannot figure out which COROS model is the best for your needs.
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      Display diameter 30.48mm
      Display resolution 240 x 240px
      Number of display colors 64
      Type of display Memory LCD
      Screen material sapphire glass with diamond-like coating
      Bezel material titanium
      Cover material titanium
      Band material silicone
      Band width 22mm
      Size and weight
      Physical dimmensions 47 x 47 x 15.6mm
      Weight 76g
      Wireless connection
      Smartphone Bluetooth
      Accessories ANT+ / Bluetooth
      Standards GPS, GLONASS (Galileo / Beidou via future firmware update)
      List of sensors optical pulse oximeter, optical heart rate monitor, barometric altimeter, accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, thermometer
      Battery life
      Regular use 45 days
      Full GPS mode 60 hours
      UltraMax mode 150 hours
      Supported workouts
      List of workouts Run, Indoor Run, Trail Run, Track Run, Hike, Mountain Climb, Bike, Indoor Bike, Pool Swim, Open Water, Triathlon, Gym Cardio, GPS Cardio, Ski, Snowboard, XC Ski, Ski Touring, Multisport, Strength, Training
      Menu languages English, German, Spanish, French, further languages to be added in foreseeable future
      COROS App Android, iOS
      Waterproof 15ATM (150 meters /492 Feet)
      Charging time less than 2 hours