SPONSER Liquid Energy Plus
SPONSER Liquid Energy Plus

    SPONSER Liquid Energy Plus

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      Highly concentrated, fast energy carbohydrate sport gel with neutral taste. Contains caffeine and taurine for performance boosting. Also contains sodium, kalium and vitamins.

      • High energy density
      • With caffeine and taurine
      • Fast and slow-available carbohydrates
      • Quick and sustained energy
      • Practical tube, resealable
      • Lactose free

      Before activity
      During activity
      After activity
      Product use

      Take half a tube just before the start and then 1 tube per hour. Drink sufficiently in addition. During efforts lasting more than 3 hours, the dosage may be increased according to individual needs.


      Sponser - Liquid Energy Plus provides you with highly concentrated, fast energy in liquid form that comes in a tube. The different carbohydrate sources deliver the energy quickly aswell as in a long-lasting form. Functional ingredients, an easily dosable intake and optimal tolerance complete this carbohydrate gel. Boost your top performance!

      Sponser - Liquid Energy Plus is a carbohydrate concentrate and contains the electrolytes sodium and potassium as well as activating caffeine (neutral version additionally with taurine and inositol). A dosage of 1.5 tubes (75 mg caffeine) caffeine promotes concentration and alertness. The contained isomaltulose is metabolized similar to sucrose, but more slowly. As a result, the glycaemic effect is much lower and the blood sugar level remains more stable. Therefore, glucose and energy are available to the body for a longer period of time.

      Sponser - Liquid Energy Plus is suitable for endurance athletes who depend on a constant, well-tolerated carbohydrate energy supply. The practical, resealable gel is also ideal for fast energy supply during breaks and game interruptions in various sports.

      Lactose-free and without preservatives.

      Sponser - Swiss Made
      Sponser - Liquid Energy

      glucose-fructose syrup, water, taurine, potassium phosphate, salt, sodium citrate, vitamins (nicotinamide, calcium pantothenate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin), flavour caffeine, antioxidant ascorbic acid

      Suitable for vegans Nutritional values
      1 tube / 70 g 100 g
      Energy 850 kJ / 200 kcal 1 207 kJ / 284 kcal
      Carbohydrates 50 g 71 g
      of which sugars 25 g 36 g
      Fiber 0 g 0 g
      Protein 0 g 0 g
      Fat 0 g 0 g
      of which saturated fatty acids 0 g 0 g
      Salt 0,3 g 0,43 g
      Sodium 0,12 g 0,17 g
      Vitamins and minerals
      Vitamin B2 0,7 mg • 64% RDA 1 mg • 91% RDA
      Vitamin B3 8,4 mg • 53% RDA 12 mg • 75% RDA
      Vitamin B5 3 mg • 50% RDA 4,3 mg • 71% RDA
      Vitamin B6 1,4 mg • 100% RDA 2 mg • 143% RDA
      Potassium 154 mg • 8% RDA 220 mg • 11% RDA
      Taurine 420 mg 600 mg
      Caffein 50 mg 71 mg

      RDA = Recommended Daily Amount: the daily dietary intake level of a nutrient considered sufficient to meet the requirements of healthy individuals in each life-stage and sex group.

      Warning: This product is a food supplement and therefore should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Store in a cool dry place, out of the reach of young children. Not suitable for children, pregnant and breast feeding women.


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