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New player

Coros - new wind in a segment of GPS watches

New wind in a segment of GPS watches. Despite the fact COROS entered the GPS market only in 2018 it made quite a splash in the sports community. Take the COROS Apex model with 35 hours battery life in GPS mode - something unheard of in a segment of GPS watches with a price tag of 350 Euros. And precisely Apex was the model in 2018 which won the hearts of elite runners like Tim Tollefson or Hayden Hawks. They have used model Apex at legendary UTMB, Chamonix and praised their fantastic battery life.

Coros - experienced player with a lot of experience from automotive indrustry.


Coros - experienced player

Talking about reliability and accuracy of GPS tracking. Coros has enough experience to draw from since Chinese YF Tech is the company backing Coros brand. YF Tech is a leader in the automotive industry producing GPS modules for customers like Volkswagen Group. All Coros models can connect to GPS, Glonass and BeiDou satellites (Galileo support is coming in future watch software update).

Coros products are awarded by the press and praised by general public.


Respected player

COROS products are awarded by the press as well as praised by sport community. COROS Apex are praised by Runner's World which awarded this model with Editor's Choice 2019. In words of Runner's World: notably, battery life is up to 35 hours in regular GPS tracking mode, but can be extended to last up to 100 hours if you require. Red Bull ranked COROS Apex Pro as TOP 5 GPS watches for trail running. The watch has a rugged titanium frame and sapphire-glass screen, and packs 14% more battery life than the Apex – bringing its total power to 40 hours in full GPS mode, Red Bull concludes. And this is how Outdoor Gear Lab raves about COROS Apex: the Coros Apex is the only watch we tested that has unbelievable battery life in both categories - up to 30 days in normal use and up to 35 hours in GPS activity mode! This watch is perfect for endurance athletes. These bonuses, coupled with a slew of other features and its high-end titanium alloy bezel and sapphire glass make it the hands-down winner for our Editors' Choice award. And Outdoor Gear Lab awarded COROS Vertix as The Best Altimeter Watches of 2019.


Pushing the boundaries

The most advanced model in COROS portfolio is Vertix. And this model perfectly demonstrates the ambitions of COROS brand to push the boundaries. Take for example unmatched 60 hours battery life in GPS mode - and even in very low temperatures (industry leading 21 hours in -30°C). Vertix uses only premium materials such as sapphire glass with diamond-like coating used as screen material and featherlight and durable titanium as bezel and cover materials. Built-in advanced optical pulse oximeter provides valuable feedback and guidance in the acclimatization process. An innovative interaction using digital crown - Digital Knob - makes user experience super easy and convenient in challenging conditions - even with gloves on. All in all these few glimpses of what Vertix is capable of underlines the ambition of COROS brand to push the envelope in the GPS watch segment

Coros - pushing the boundaries of GPS watches.

Coros ambasadors

Used by the most elite athletes

Winners of the most prestigious ultra trails in the world. UTMB, Lavaredo Ultra Trail or Hardrock 100 - you name it. COROS watches are used by the most elite runners in the world such as Tim Tollefson, Hayden Hawks, Sage Canaday, Harry Jones, Adam Campbell, Camille Herron, Magda Boulet or Hillary Allen.

Tim Tollefson, COROS ambasador

Excited to partner with COROSGlobal in 2019 as they emerge as a major player in the GPS world. I suggest you give them a peep.

Hayden Hawks, COROS ambasador

When the fog rolls in and you can’t see 5ft in front of you, grab your corosglobal VERTIX and it will show you the way! With 60hrs of battery life in full GPS tracking, lightweight feel, accuracy, and a great look this will be my watch for @utmbmontblanc!

Hayden Hawks
CCC-UTMB 2017 - 1st place
LUT 2018 - 1st place
photo: Jan Nyka
Sage Canaday, COROS ambasador

Honored to officially join the @corosglobal athlete pro team! It’s no secret that I’ve been extensively testing #coroswatches (as seen on my @strava). The battery life on the new Vertix model (shown here) is simply amazing! Honestly I was skeptical at first, but I am now very impressed with the GPS accuracy and the seamless interface with the phone App for uploading and analysis.

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