Nylon band for COROS Vertix - Amber
Nylon band for COROS Vertix - Green
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    Nylon band for COROS Vertix

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      ralpu - COROS Authorized Reseller

      Coloured ultra comfortable nylon 22mm quick release band for the COROS Vertix GPS Adventure Watch. The band is very supple ensuring precise and very secure fit around wrist for accurate heart rate reading. Water repelent, easy to wash and maintain.

      Instructions how to change the band
      Changing the band on COROS Vertix watch is very easy and does not require any additional tools. Notice a colour coded quick release mechanism on inner side of the band, close to the point where band joins the watch. You can press it only in one direction and by doing so the band gets released. Follow the same steps but in reverse order when attaching new band.

      Technical data
      Compatible models COROS Vertix
      Band width 22mm
      Band material nylon
      Manufacturer COROS