follow your heart
do what you love
spend more time in mountains

Ralpu is based in beautiful region of Slovakia called Liptov. This is where we live and spend time in the mountains.
We organize SkyRace called Poludnica Run. In 2018 elite runner Hayden Hawks from the US visited us.
We live surrounded by the mountains. This is where our inspiration comes from.

About us

Multi-year work experience from working in global e-commerce companies, experience with establishing and running successful business, or experience from organising internationally recognised running race in the mountains. But above all lifelong passion for sport and mountains. We have gritted through beaten paths of iconic European races such as UTMB, Lavaredo Ultra Trail, Istria Ultra Trail, or Ultra Pirineu. All this resulted in a spontaneous urge to establish our own e-shop which would address the needs of likewise minded folks. We follow our own passion - follow your heart, do what you love, spend more time in mountains

We are begining with American brand COROS producing premium GPS watches. Their products have taken - particularly ultra running community - by storm. We intend to add more interesting and relevant outdoor brands into our portfolio.

Why we exist

We are in the midst of existential crisis. Our activities siginicantly impact our environment. One of the factors leading to such human behaviour is our alientation from nature. At ralpu we believe that by inspiring people to live active lifestyle and spending more time in nature and mountains one can re-connect, re-establish our bond with the Earth.

At ralpu we strive to offer exceptional and friendly service. We sell high-quality, durable and eco-conscious products which will serve many years and thus reduce our impact on the Earth. Products which inspire to lead active and meaningful life.

Happy to help you

Questions, help required?Feel free to send us a message.

We will contact you as soon as we can between 08:00 - 19:00 CET.