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Raide LF 40L

Raide LF 40L

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In essenceDesigned to be lightweight for any ski tour, roomy enough for ambitious objectives and hut trips, the Raide LF 40L achieves an ideal equilibrium of weight, functionality, and comfort. It caters to skiers who value both uphill performance and downhill style.

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Size guide

M/L48 cm back panel lentgh. Plus 7,5 cm above back panel. Recommended for people with height 175 cm and taller.

S/M44 cm back panel length. Plus 7,5 cm above back panel. Recommended for people with height 175 cm and below.

Unsure about sizing? Please let me know and I will happily assist you.

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Raide LF 40L - a fully featured and critically acclaimed ski pack. Merging efficient backcountry philosophies from skimo racing with a freeride-oriented skiing style.

Raide LF 40L

A fully-featured and critically acclaimed ski pack. Built from the most durable materials.

Raide"steep" in French

Raide Research, founded by Kyle Siegel in Colorado, USA, merges efficient backcountry philosophies from skimo racing with a freeride-oriented skiing style. With a background in mechanical engineering at SpaceX and The North Face, Kyle created Raide out of frustration with gear that neglects those valuing both uphill performance and downhill style. Positioned at the intersection of fast and light meets fun and adventurous, Raide introduces a novel lightweight backcountry pack for skiers and snowboarders, targeting users seeking efficiency and low weight without conforming to the traditional "skimo" crowd. Think big objectives and fast paces, but with more fat skis and less Lycra.

A fully-featured ski pack typically weighs around 2 kg. However, thanks to the utilization of Challenge Ultra 400X fabric with Dyneema fibers on the surface, the weight of Raide LF 40L is just above 1 kg. Despite its lighter weight, it surpasses other fabrics and packs in terms of durability, strength, and UV resistance.

Featured on Blister and Powder.

Main features:

  • 40L capacity, with extendable roll top to 50L
  • Removable aluminium frame
  • 2 quick access stash pockets for no zip transitions
  • Quick avalanche tools access
  • A-frame and diagonal ski carry options
  • Vertical snowboard/splitboard carry
  • Integrated super clean helmet carry
  • Glove stash strap on shoudler strap
  • Removale foam back panel insert
  • Ice tools carry which keeps picks enclosed
  • Hip pad pocket that actually fits your phone
  • 9mm foam in shoulder straps
  • Radio/hydration pass through
  • Drainage holes out of cinch top and avy tools pockets

Product walkthrough

All features explained. In great detail.

In this video Kyle explains thought process, decisions and all the details of Raide LF 40L.

Video kindly provided by Raide Research.

Raide LF 40L with expandable volume from 40 to 50 litres. Your choice.


Fully loaded or lean? Your choice.

The Raide LF 40L provides a 40-liter volume in its standard setup, typically ample for a safe and comfortable snow outing. However, thanks to its clever design, including an expandable roll-top, this pack can be used for weekend getaways. Moreover, when stripped down and cinched, it transforms into a lightweight 30-liter featherlight pack.

40 litres
expandable to 50 litres


Prefer back panel access or top access? You are covered.

Creators of this packs firmly believe in the necessity of back panel access. This method is the only one that provides complete access to the main compartment. The swift access it offers saves valuable time during a ski tour and remains easily accessible, irrespective of how you are carrying your skis or snowboard.

Raide LF 40L features back panel accesss. Additionally, it features a roll-top closure for top access.


Constructed from the most robust man-made material. It is called Dyneema.

The Raide LF 40L utilizes Ultra400x from Challenge Outdoor as its primary fabric. This state-of-the-art material boasts a high Dyneema fiber content. Dyneema, widely recognized as the strongest synthetic material, is utilized in various applications such as boat sails and ropes. However, it has increasingly made its mark in the outdoor industry in recent years. Ultra400x outperforms traditional fabrics on the market, combining exceptional strength with remarkable lightness to the extent that Dyneema fibers can float on water. Incorporating this fabric into the Raide LF 40L is a clever design choice that aligns perfectly with the demands of challenging snowy conditions. Additionally, unlike other fabrics, Dyneema fibers are present on the surface of the Ultra400x fabric.

Extremely strong. Dyneema fibers are 15 times stronger than steel and 40% stronger than their main competitor, Kevlar. It also offers exceptional UV resistance.

Extremely lightweight. Dyneema fibers are not only exceptionally strong but also so light that they can float on the water's surface.

Extreme abrasion resistance. The Ultra400X fabric from Chellenge Outdoor can endure 8 800 cycles in the standardized ASTM 3884 Abrasion Resistance test.

Inherently waterproof. Dyneema fabrics do not absorb water, ensuring that the fabric remains dry.

Raide LF 40L is constructed from Challenge Ultra 400X material with a high Dyneema fiber content. Dyneema fibers, unlike in other fabrics, are on the face fabric.

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No zip access

Storing skins or grabbing a quick bite to eat? Stash pockets await you.

Eliminate fiddly zippers during bitterly cold missions. Conveniently accessible external pockets enable easy stowing or retrieval of items from the front and top stash pockets, all achievable while wearing gloves.

Raide LF 40L offers oo zip quick access pockets. All accessible while using gloves.
Raide LF 40L features flexible internal roll top. Offering flexible design for any conditions.

Flexible internal roll top

Rain or blue sky? Flexible design for any conditions.

Roll up the rolltop for a weatherproof seal and gain an additional compartment. Or when there is no snow or rain and want to avoid dealing with the rolltop, utilize the rolltop stow clips to neatly tuck it away.

Ice tool carry

Carry ice tools confidently. With no snags.

The ice tool carry ensures the picks of the tools are completely enclosed and secure, preventing them from snagging or accidentally falling out. Move with freedom and confidence.

Raide LF 40L offers oo zip quick access pockets. All accessible while using gloves.
Raide LF 40L offers integrated and reliable helmet carry. And you can confidently carry crampons inside the helmet.

Secure helmet carry

Integrated and reliable helmet carry. That stays out of the way.

At Raide, we became frustrated with unreliable strap-on helmet carry systems, observing numerous instances of people losing their helmets. Additionally, these systems lack the security needed for storing items like crampons inside the helmet. Consequently, we opted to integrate the helmet carry directly into the pack.

Avalanche tools access

Quick access to avy tools. When seconds count.

In the development of the LF 40L, primary focus was on ensuring swift accessibility to avalanche tools, with a specific focus on enabling quick retrieval of your snow probe for snow depth checks. The access to avalanche tools serves a dual purpose by also providing a convenient passageway to the main compartment, and a waterproof divider effectively safeguards the main compartment from snow infiltration. The design of the opening is tailored to accommodate shovels with widths of up to 28cm.

The Raide LF 40L provides swift access to avalanche tools, ensuring that all tools are kept separate from the main compartment to prevent snow ingress.
The Raide LF 40L features both a detachable aluminum frame and a removable back panel insert, providing you with versatile wearing options.

Frame and back panel

Removable frame. For many carrying options.

The aluminum frame encircles the pack's perimeter, extends behind your head, and descends to the hip pads, evenly distributing the pack's weight and ensuring stability for ski/snowboard transport. Weighing 80g, it is also detachable.

The detachable back panel insert, weighing 110g, consists of a combination of a plastic layer and sewn-together closed-cell foam. This insert enhances rigidity for the back panel and serves versatile purposes such as providing a comfortable surface for kneeling or sitting, as well as being suitable for first aid applications like splinting or assisting a patient off the snow while awaiting rescue.

Technical details

Technical specification of Raide LF 40L

Physical details
Volume 40 litres
expandable to 50 litres
Weight 1 090 g
strippable to 900 g with removable frame and back panel insert
Main fabric Challenge Ultra 400X, 400d UHMWPE (Dyneema) woven that is 2x more tear resistant and 8x more abrasion resistant than similar ultralight fabrics; this is backed by a waterproof film and is 100% recycled
Cinch top 210d Nylon with UHMWPE ripstop; 100% recycled
Rolltop 50d ripstop nylon with UHMWPE crossply
Helmet carry Lycra, Nylon, UHMWPE woven
Tubing 7 mm aluminium tubing